About us

Joseph and Alexander was created to make a difference with a difference. We wanted to create fashionable, one of a kind shorts that stand out while being sustainable at the same time.

Each pair of shorts are made using recycled fabric made from plastic previously floating in the ocean. Everybody knows how plastic can be recycled but to use it to make our shorts it is a different deal.

Each and every one of our piece tells a story that children can be a part of, whether it ignites a story in their imagination or motivates them to seek more information on an interesting topic.

We’ve made it our mission to create quirky, affordable and fashionable clothing that can be worn from the city to the beach paired with our tailored pique polos shirts and very cool velvet loafers.

Fashion with a conscience

Critical world issues and taking action both form a core part of our business. We operate in a conscious manner, using eco-friendly ink to minimise our impact on the environment, along with recycled fabric made from plastic bottles for our shorts range. We have launched the collection to raise awareness of plastic and its negative impact on the environment.

We know just how lively children can be, that’s why our products are affordable, durable, and made from quality materials. They’re crafted to provide the ultimate protection too, boasting a UPF 45+.

With every purchase you receive a re-usable cotton twill bag.

Unorthodox design

Our goal is to make children’s clothing that really has something to say. In every piece, you’ll find a talking point or story, encouraging educational conversation.

Our designs are perfect for inspiring the imagination and curiosity that should be nurtured in children. From our impact on the ocean environment to the thriving metropolitan cities of London and New York, our shorts provide talking points on world topics.

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