Because waste is one of the biggest reasons why the fashion industry is number 2 in world pollution, we want to be a company that helps reduce the amount of fashion waste that ends-up in our landfills.


After you have used, exhausted or grown out of any of our swimsuits, we would be grateful if you return them to us for recycling. It doesn’t matter what state the swimsuit is in. Please email us to let us know your old swimwear is on its way to us ( Once we receive your old J&A swimsuit we’ll email you a discount code (with no expiry date) to get money off your next purchase with us 10% for one swimwear item and 20% for more than one.


Established in Jan 2020, the J&A re-recycle program enables customers to return their preloved J&A swimwear for R&D and recycling… in return for helping us save the planet we are offering a discount towards your next purchase with no expiry date…yes!

Our plan is to save old Swimwear garments from landfill or incineration by re-recycling them with several planned initiatives.

We are also working behind the scenes to channel unused and unwanted J&A swimwear around the world to those who are in need of swimwear most.

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