Gifiting Season is approaching

Christmas is fast approaching and now is as good a time as ever to think about the gifts you will be purchasing. It is a time for spending time with family and loved ones, handing over the gifts that you know they will love such as a pair of Joseph & Alexander Verbier Shorts.

Our Verbier shorts are designed for those who like to look good and feel good and that is why they are the perfect gift to give someone at Christmas. This time of year, people love to head off to snow-capped mountains and ski-resorts to experience the magic of winter. Despite this, there are those who also like to head off for some winter sun and this is where the versatility of Verbier shorts or our full collection of resort wear will have all of your gift needs covered.

Look Good. Feel Good. Do Your Bit

Every pair of shorts that we sell has a story to tell. That is what makes our shorts such a great gift idea. Whether you are purchasing for that man in your life or you want shorts for your children, our shorts offer it all.

Our Verbier shorts are the perfect choice for ski resorts and heading off for the special sauna treat that often comes after a hard day out on the slopes. What makes our shorts unique is that the design is different and the story that they tell, sends a message to everyone who sees them.

Our aim is to make a difference and that is why we believe our shorts make a great gift at Christmas. Our whole idea is driven by our desire to create stunning Verbier shorts as well as our full collection but also to make a difference to the planet.

When you give someone special a pair of our Verbier shorts or another item from our full collection, you can be sure that you are helping the environment. We believe in making as much of a difference as we can and not only do we create shorts from reused plastic, we also donate 10% of our annual profits to plastic oceans UK charity.

Christmas is a special time but it is also a time when we create a lot of waste but our Joseph & Alexander shorts are designed to help you give something in more ways than one. We are fashion and design conscious, this is why our Verbier shorts look so striking and why we put thought into our full collection. However, when you choose to give someone a pair of our shorts, you are also playing your part in the challenge of clearing our oceans of the plastic that has been thrown away or simply tossed into the sea.

So, give that special gift of a pair of Joseph & Alexander Verbier shorts at Christmas but when you do, let the recipient know that they too are helping to do their big for the environment because that is the message we want to share in every pair of shorts we sell.

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