Father and Son Collection

Every father adores his son and ever son adores his father, so we thought it would be a great idea to release our father and son collection. This unique collection offers fathers and sons to head to the beach or the pool wearing matching shorts. There is something pure about seeing fathers lead and their sons follow and this is clearly the idea that we aimed to achieve with our new collection.

There is no doubt that every father wants to leave a lasting impression on their son and their son wants to be just like their dad and that is why our matching collection provides everyone with the chance to share that special holiday moment or day at the beach together.

The matching collection is designed to grab the attention of all of who see them through four designs. The designs are intended to look just as good on adults as they do on children and so, they have been carefully crafted and designed to bridge the fashion gap and the age gap between a father and his son. The designs that are currently available are Yeti & Starfish, Portofino, Monaco and Planting a Seed.

These clever and unique designs will turn heads and will make every father and son feel like they are the real centre of attention.

However, for each collection, we only bring out a limited edition for both men’s and son’s shorts, giving them a unique design and collection that they can treasure and enjoy together. The whole idea behind the collection is to make wearing our shorts fun for all. These are not your standard shorts because they have been created with love and care and they look great, ensuring that everyone feels good when they wear them.

What really sets them apart is the fact that they are manufactured using recycled plastic. This is a new and exciting way to wear shorts because the world we live in is now trying to make a change to the amount of plastic we use and so, these shorts are a great way of showing just how plastic can be re-used. Despite being made of plastic, they offer an exceptional level of comfort and it is impossible to tell because of the process involved in turning plastic into a material that can be worn.  Every time a father and his son put on their limited edition Joseph & Alexander shorts, they can feel proud of the way in which they are helping to make a change, which is a great thing for every father and his son to do together.

The shorts create a special bond between father and son.  They can discuss the way in which the design of the shorts tell a story that helps to bring them closer together. If course, it encourages them to converse about the way in which they are made from recycled plastic, giving them that unique quality and characteristic that cannot be found in other shorts. However, their transitional properties mean that father and son can wear their shorts to the beach, where they can play and embrace the outdoors before putting on a t-shirt and wearing them the restaurant. That beach to restaurant transition is unique but something that a father and his son will enjoy from the moment they wear Joseph & Alexander shorts.

These shorts are designed to bring excitement to all when they are worn. Every father wants to be the one that his son looks up to and these shorts make that possible. Imagine those eyes lighting up when the father presents his son with a matching pair of shorts. They are different, special and help to create an ever-lasting bond that can be captured not just in the memory but also in a photograph.

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